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Best Web Development Services
Who We Are

We help businesses transform themselves.

We are AftrConsulting, a team with a passion for helping clients transform their businesses by building great web applications. We provide a vast collection of services in the web sphere, from web development to consulting and coaching. Our team is dedicated to providing the fastest, best, and most affordable web services for our clients.
We don't just sell websites, we create websites that SELL.
1. Consultation

We will evaluate your needs and create the best plan for YOU. 🥳

Everything starts here. Together, we will create a custom-tailored flexible plan that will take all your requirements and questions into account. Also, you will get a quote adjusted to your budget.
2. Development

We will develop the best modern web app for YOU. 😎

We develop using the agile methodology, so you will be able to observe the progress in real-time. If needed, we can make adjustments on the fly therefore, the final product better reflects your vision.
3. Optimizations & Maintenance

We will provide maintenance and optimizations for YOUR website. 😊

When the web app is deployed, we will make various optimizations to improve the website speed and conversion rate. Also, we will provide maintenance for your website.
Our Services

We have all the skills for building great modern web apps and sites. 🙏

Web Development
We'll develop a great modern web application for your business.
Web Performance & Optimization
We'll optimize your site to 100% in PageSpeed Insights and fix other performance issues.
Conversion Rate Optimization
We'll help you generate more leads and customers from your website.
Search Engine Optimization
We'll help you improve the quantity and quality of your website traffic from Google.
Do you have a nasty bug that you cannot fix? We'll help you find the cause and solve it.
Landing Page Creation
We'll create an optimized landing page that will generate more leads/profits.
Code Standards
We'll help you improve your code quality by implementing various tools and standards.
Code Refactoring
Spaghetti code is hard to read and hard to maintain. We'll help you clean it up.
Unit Tests
We'll help you find bugs earlier and save time and money by implementing unit tests.
We'll help develop, improve and maintain a WordPress website.
Front-End Development
Some tools that we use: React, TypeScript, Webpack, JavaScript, GraphQL.
Back-End Development
Some tools and languages that we use: PHP, Node.js, Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes.
This list is not exhaustive, contact us if you need something special. We'll help you.
AFTRConsulting makes it happen. 🤝
Schedule a free call to discuss what we can do for your project. We'll be able to share ideas, answer your questions and provide you a quote adjusted to your budget.
what our clients are saying

We offer 100% of satisfaction to our clients. 🤩

We hired AFTRConsulting to redesign the back-end of our site, and we literally couldn't be happier with the results! They are open to feedback, patient, communicative, and can adhere to a tight timeline. We will definitely continue working with them in the future!
When we started working with AFTRConsulting we never expected such great results. Their customer service is top-notch and if we had a problem they were there to fix it quickly. We recommend them to everyone that is looking for great web development services.
Georges M.
Georges M.
Thank you AFTRConsulting! Very good web development services! They helped me build a modern website for my business that increased my visibility in Google, helped me attract new customers, and increase my profits. I recommend it to everybody.
Jacky T.
Jacky T.
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We transform your ideas into high-performance modern web apps.
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